Happy Learners use a holistic, family centered approach

We value the important role that each person plays in a child’s health, happiness and development. This is why our therapists collaborate with the client’s family, school, and other health professionals.


At Happy Learners we take the time to understand each child and family’s strengths, values and goals. Happy Learners therapists can support your child with the range of skill areas listed below. 

Fine and Gross motor development​

Small and large movement skills such as handwriting, cutting, using cutlery or catching/throwing, jumping and riding a bike.

Balance and Posture

Balance and postural stability is needed not only for fluid movement but for maintaining a seated posture.


Supporting your child to learn strategies to gain and maintain a calm, alert state.

Food range and eating

Our therapists can support your child to learn about and engage with foods.

Self care skills

Sleeping, toileting, brushing teeth, dressing and tying laces.

And More

Support with play/social skills, sensory processing and much more.


We’d love to meet you and your child, call or email us today to book a session.